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Every few aeons I write about games that really did it for me. The last one was Quake 4 exactly two years ago.

I probably should have told you previously, that Bioshock is a great game, but it took Portal to get my lazy ass to actually write something. So what's so special about Portal? Well, it's refreshing! I never experienced this nerdy kind of humor in any game! You'll love it, if you like Futurama or "serious" Science Fiction in general.

The gameplay is very smooth; I expected to encounter some artifacts (read: bugs) with this kind freedom the player has, but I didn't. The puzzles could've been a bit more challenging, but on the other hand it was nice not get stuck anywhere. Great game, great story (I'd love to tell you more, but don't want to spoil it). Somewhere in the middle of the game I thought something like "Awesome, Cube as game" - It had such a dense atmosphere. And I miss my weighted companion cube <3

I also played some quick games of Team Fortress 2, which also comes with the Orange Box, and it looked very polished, too. Very cool style and humor. I haven't played Episode One or Two yet, but I can tell you one thing: BUY BUY BUY!

October 21, 2007 22:10
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October 30, 2007 22:10
#1: jO


October 31, 2007 19:10
#2: soul0er

seriously !

March 26, 2008 09:03
#3: Faction

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