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Land Mark System 3

A new version of my Land Mark System is now available for download. The Land Mark System is a lightweight User Locator-Script written in PHP. It draws a dot for each user on a map. Due to the lack of geo data for other countries, it is only suitable for Germany.

Version 3 features an admin menu and some changes regarding the database layout and user registration. More info and the download is available here (German).

April 23, 2006 18:04 | Comments (8)
Tags: Web, PHP

Some PHP stuff

I just finished a new version of my LandMarkSystem. However, since all coordinates are now stored in a database next to their area-codes, it only works for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The old version is still available here, but I don't recomend using it anymore.

Another thing I did on some boring Sunday is my Internet Commandline Tool PL CMDLINE. It wraps the input to an URL, like google search or something. The idea is not new, though.

August 12, 2005 20:08 | Comments (0)
Tags: Web, PHP

Some new websites

I wrote a map-system as an orientation for the forum members. It's located here: cqlms.

The other website is a small customizable content grabber with support for many different sites: cqcg.

Both pages are in German, sorry.

May 12, 2003 19:05 | Comments (0)
Tags: Web, PHP

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